"...a touching performance by Eddie Shields (Elliot Norton Awards judges take note)".  -

"...some exquisite performances, particularly Eddie Shields... finds a vulnerability in Tourvel that is not about being naïve, or succumbing to Valmont’s charms, but more about opening her heart to another human being, and by doing so, opening Valmont’s heart, too." - 

" ...Shields chalks up another strong performance on his resumé, this time combining a quick wit and dangerous devil may care attitude to contrast with Will's sensitive side" -BWW

"At the outset of a riveting, swaggering performance, Shields makes clear that Gaveston is both smitten and a schemer" - 

"Shields... has all of Gaveston’s allure and vulnerability right from an initial tub stretch"-BostonTheater

"Eddie Shields plays Gaveston with a charming mix of coquette and rogue." -TheaterMirror

"including Kenny’s growing attraction to his best friend Benji in a tender, deeply sensitive, bravura performance by Eddie Shields." - Joyce's Choices 

"In a breakout performance, he nails the feminine posture and carriage, while maintaining an aura of masculinity, perhaps exemplifying the duality of these half male/half female men." - BWW